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About Us

Our Mission

Championing a world where artistic expression bridges cultures, fostering understanding and ensuring everyone feels seen and valued.

Our Vision

To create a creative, progressive, inspiring, and empowering society through arts and culture.

What is ISAC?

Our Objectives

Executive Board

HON CHONGPresident
Hon Chong is a proficient improviser, actor, storyteller, and respected teaching artist with over a decade of experience in film, television, theater, corporate events, and the performing arts. In 2014, he founded Funnylicious Improv Theater and established Story Nights: Bratislava – Vienna – Budapest, a captivating storytelling community with live events spanning multiple cities.

While pursuing his university education in theater and film, Hon discovered his passion for acting and improv. Since then, he has honed his craft under the tutelage of renowned improv and acting teachers worldwide, frequently performing alongside his theater ensemble.

Leveraging his comprehensive acting, directing, and improv expertise, Hon has adeptly coached and trained a diverse range of clients and organizations in various settings.

Ivana Kratka is an experienced improv artist and is actively involved with the esteemed Funnylicious Improv Theater. She presides over the Toastmasters club of Slovakia. Her diverse career in both Slovak and global corporations has equipped her with expertise in analysis, negotiation, and leadership. Boasting a background in cross-cultural group management and public speaking, she has obtained four years of foundational training in acting and painting, alongside five years of immersive study in empathy and emotional expression, centered around person-focused psychotherapy.

Complementing her artistic and emotional aptitudes, Ivana also possesses a remarkable technical background and is an avid sports enthusiast.

Nikolas Haugeneder was born in Upper Austria. In 2013, he graduated from the prestigious International School of Storytelling in Forest Row, England.

Since then, he has performed as a storyteller in a variety of events, symposiums and festivals in Austria, Norway, England, Slovakia, Hungary and Finland.

Some recent performances include the Festival “HÖrtergewöRTer” and “Raunachterzählen” in Andrä-Wördern, Austria.

Nikolas co-founded Vienna True Stories and has organized, hosted and performed several well received True Stories events in Vienna.

Eugenia (Jenia) is a social enthusiast, experimenter, personal growth ‘evangelist’ and also the person who brought Story Nights – storytelling events to Budapest.

Having worked at various international companies and gained critical skills in management, negotiations and training, Jenia has determined to devote her time to the development and growth of ISAC Hungary.

Jenia has also shifted her professional focus to coaching and personal strategy consulting, specializes on transforming fears and doubts into an energy source while executing on career and personal life changes.

ISAC Volunteers

Jakub Misun, Frantiska Fijalkova, Klaudia-katarina Konckova, Chems-Félix Joly, Kristina Mutafova

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ISAC a nonprofit?2017-12-28T18:54:15+01:00

Yes. ISAC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan civil association registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

Where is ISAC based?2017-12-28T18:55:05+01:00

ISAC is based in Bratislava, Slovakia and we also have representatives in Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary. We carry our various activities in all three cities.

I’m interested in volunteering. Who should I speak to?2017-12-28T18:56:14+01:00

We’re always looking for energetic and creative people to help us out. Send us an email at hello@isac-eu.org. If you live in Budapest, you can contact eughenia@isac-eu.org and if you live in Vienna, contact nikolas@isac-eu.org.

I’m a trainer, coach, experienced artist and I’m interested in teaching a workshop/ masterclass through ISAC.2017-12-28T18:57:02+01:00

We’d like to get in touch with you!  Send us an email at hello@isac-eu.org. If you live in Budapest, contact eughenia@isac-eu.org and if you live in Vienna, contact nikolas@isac-eu.org.

I / we are a band / musician / performing troupe / filmmakers, we are looking for a venue / place to perform or show our film.2017-12-28T18:58:07+01:00

We’d like to get in touch with you! Send us an email at hello@isac-eu.org If you live in Budapest, contact eughenia@isac-eu.org and if you live in Vienna, contact nikolas@isac-eu.org.

I’m not an artist, can I still join ISAC?2017-12-28T18:58:37+01:00

Yes! ISAC is for everyone who loves art and culture and want to make art happen.

Is ISAC membership free?2017-12-28T18:59:01+01:00

Yes. Free.

I don’t live in Vienna, Budapest or Bratislava, can I still join ISAC?2017-12-28T18:59:30+01:00

Yes! Definitely.

Why should I be an ISAC member? What are the benefits?2017-12-28T19:00:32+01:00

Too many reasons to list here. Read more about why you should join here. If you love art, then ISAC is for you.

What is the members area?2017-12-28T19:01:42+01:00

Members area is a password protected, members only access where you can find a directory of all our members both individuals and organizations. There is also a social wall for members to post announcements such as jobs, crew / casting call, internship, auditions, etc.  

How can I support ISAC?2017-12-28T19:07:56+01:00

We’re so glad you asked! 🙂 There are many ways you can help us:

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