Funnylicious Improv Theater

Established in 2014, Funnylicious Improv Theater is Slovakia’s first English language improv comedy troupe and training center with regular main stage shows, masterclass workshops, public classes, weekly drop-in session, and professional training for companies.


The group started when Hon Chong (who is Founder and Artistic Director) decided to get a group of people together to do improv in Bratislava. At the beginning, the group met weekly to practice in parks and in repurposed old factories around Bratislava.  The motley crue turned into an ensemble and performed in various cafes and bars all over Bratislava.


Funnylicious shows are always interactive, spontaneous, unscripted and bring people from all walks of life together and their public workshops and classes have continued to change lives for the better. 

They currently have regular bilingual shows at Mala Scena Theatre in Bratislava and most importantly, they aim to bring joy and laughter to everyone through improv.

Learn more about Funnylicious Improv Theater here.