Intercultural Communication Workshop


Date: 12.4.2018 (Thursday)

Time: 18:30 to 21:30

Venue: Resetkova 9, Bratislava

Fee: 25EUR

Early bird (register by 6.4.2018) and ISAC members: 20EUR

About the Workshop

The risk of misunderstandings, faux pas, conflicts and failures are high when you work or live with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This workshop enhances your self-awareness and sensitivity to other cultural perspectives and gives you an intercultural toolkit for working effectively across cultures and borders.

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Who should join this workshop?

Anyone working or living in a multicultural environment either at home or away; if you are part of a global team, work with international customers or suppliers or travel abroad for business. Also for anyone who plans to live, travel or study abroad and wants to learn how to adapt quickly to other cultures and different ways of thinking.

Benefits for participants:

  • Increased awareness of cultural beliefs and values.  
  • Capacity to differentiate between individual and cultural factors in behavior.
  • Understanding of the impact of culture on communication styles in business settings.
  • Skills in describing, analyzing, and evaluating cultural differences in specific situations.
  • Skills in anticipating, accommodating, and integrating differences in intercultural communication.
  • Skills in applying intercultural competence to emails and use of telephone.

About the trainer

Daniel Hall is a trainer in presentation skills and intercultural communication, with a background in theatre and psychology. He has close to 20 years’ experience in training, facilitating and performing arts. He was brought up in Oxford and has lived in four different countries, including 13 years in Hungary before moving to Slovakia.

Let me know when the course is opening!