Project Description

Live Storytelling for Beginners


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Everyone has stories worth telling. This workshop is anyone who loves stories and wants to take the first step towards becoming a skilled oral storyteller.

You will develop skills for better control of postures, gestures, movement and voice through our unique drama based exercises and games – the same exercises used to train and prepare actors for the stage.

You don’t need to have experience in performing arts; just the wish to expand your comfort zone. You will learn how to prepare and present oral stories and captivate your audience with your story.

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Why learn storytelling?

We are storytelling animals, a wise man once said. We are not the strongest, biggest nor the fastest of all the species around but we have survived through the stories of others who survived.

Nowadays, we have lost this skill through the consumption of mass media. Imagination is a muscle which has to be trained. We get the perfect pictures, sounds and illusions delivered from TV and Internet and our imagination gets weaker and weaker.

Storytelling helps the listener to create their own pictures in their head through the words of the storyteller; a true gift to build a better world.

Topics covered:

  • Why do we tell stories?
  • Working with silence, pace, speed dynamics
  • Projection, articulation and intonation
  • Body language awareness
  • Physical presence
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Fear, stage fright and uncertainties
Let me know when the course is opening!

About the trainer

Hon Chong is an improviser, actor, storyteller and accomplished educator. He is the founder of Funnylicious Improv Theater and he regularly performs with his troupe.

Hon is also the founder of highly popular Story Nights: Bratislava-Vienna-Budapest, a multi-city live storytelling event where he hosts and also performs.

Hon has utilized his skills, along with extensive acting and improv training to coach and train a wide spectrum of clients and companies in a variety of contexts.

Let me know when the course is opening!