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Get ready for another round of personal stories told live! Each show has a theme and the storytellers explore and interpret it through their own unique stories. Our tellers are selected to reflect diverse voices from various backgrounds. We sometimes also invite one or two audience members to come on stage during the show to share their stories.

All speakers have 7min to tell their stories. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind event described as a cross between documentary and theater, creating an intimate and often enlightening experience for the audience and tellers.

Theme: Identities

This special [fjúžn] edition of Bratislava True Stories which tackles the theme of “identities” is in cooperation with the 14. ročník festivalu [fjúžn] (14th [fjúžn] Festival) organized by the Nadácia Milana Šimečku (Milan Šimečka Foundation).
In line with the theme, we want to showcase life stories that are diverse, unusual, daring and unknown. We want our storytellers to share their true stories that reflect and touch on the significance of identity.
Expect to hear personal stories about discovering and losing one’s identity, personal growth, redemption, changes, conflicts, confusion, being accepted, being an outsider, being labeled, feeling uncertainties, and the ever challenging questions of who we are and why we think we are who we are.
It’s going to be one unforgettable evening of ordinary people, telling extraordinary stories.

Featured Storytellers:
To be announced soon

Hon Chong – Malaysia

Admission: FREE
Venue Partner: SATORI STAGE

About [fjúžn] festival:
The 14th [fjúžn] festival will take place in Bratislava from 13.9.2019 to 20.9.2019. This year’s theme, Identities, will be explored and reflected through exhibitions, discussions, concerts, performances, community events and activities for all ages. The festival strives to connect people of various cultures and promote awareness of new minorities in Slovakia, as well as topics on migration and multiculturalism.

Q: What type of stories can I tell/ hear?
A: We want people to share real life stories about their lives – and every event has a different theme but the most important thing is it must be your own real story. This is NOT an event for debates, political speeches, philosophical musings and religious sermons. We also do not tolerate offensive, hateful and objectifying talks.

Q: I have a really good story to share which is relevant to this theme.
A: Great! We would love to hear your story live on stage! Please send Hon an email with a short description of your story. hon@isac-eu.org

Q: Does my story have to be in English?
A: Yes, because we want to hear stories from all over the world.

Q: Can I come and just listen to others’ stories?
A: Yes, definitely!

Q: What do I need to do if I want to share my story?
A: You can send a brief email to hon@isac-eu.org together with a short description of your story

Q: I have no experience in storytelling/ public speaking at all. What if people hate my story?
A: You don’t need to be a master storyteller. All skill levels are welcomed.

Q: My English is not good. What if people don’t understand me?
A: If you need help with your story, feel free to email hon@isac-eu.org

Q: My story is not funny or interesting enough for people to listen to!
A: Our event is friendly, open, intimate and honest. This is not a stand up comedy night where you are expected to entertain the audience. Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the empowering feeling of having a platform to share your stories with an empathetic and supportive audience.