We are so happy to have you here with us. The members area is the heart of our community. ISAC is a growing community of creative and innovative people and organizations.

Here in the members area, you will find:

Member Directory – Our current and ever growing list of ISAC members from various cities across three central European countries.  Our members are eager to collaborate on projects and share knowledge and experience with each other.

Social Wall – Serves as the community noticeboard, our social wall features updates from our members and from ISAC. This is where you will find posts on auditions, job openings, casting call, news/ events related to our community, members’ projects, announcements, etc.  

Resources – Our resources page is the info hub for everything that is important to our community. This page is meant to be updated regularly and all members are encouraged to contribute to adding the content in resources. Here you will find listings on:

  • Venues and spaces available for rent (or even for free for ISAC members) for shows, concerts, events, workshops, seminars,  film shoots, studio, etc.
  • Services in areas such as catering, costume rental, dressmaker, recording studio, legal/tax, IT and web design,etc.
  • Grants and funds opportunities. A list of organizations in central Europe to get funding for creative projects.

My Profile – Here you can update your info. Please keep your information updated.  The more  detail you have on your profile, the easier other members can connect with you. On your profile page you can follow members who share the same interests or who are working on the same projects as you. We also have a feature for you to send private message to other members. We make this feature available to make communication effortless among us.

As you can see, ISAC is all about building relationships and making the connections.  We believe that behind every amazing project is a group of talented people who made it happen. So let’s work together to make great art happen!

Best wishes,
Hon Chong, ISAC President