V4 Improv Connect


From April 9th to 14th, join Funnylicious Theater for a defining moment in improvisational theater. We're uniting improv and theater artists from six countries for a packed 6-day event featuring nightly shows, a workshop, and a spectacular main stage performance (The Big Show) on April 13th, 2024.

V4 Improv Connect2024-03-30T23:11:16+01:00

Holiday Spectacular


Join us for our festive Holiday Spectacular Show! This year, we're upping the ante with a line-up that promises extra special surprises. Dive into a spectacular evening filled with improv joy as we bring to life spontaneous scenes, characters, stories, dances, and songs right before your eyes.

Holiday Spectacular2023-11-03T19:32:27+01:00

On Cloud Nine: Improv Comedy Extravaganza


Join us on 24.11, as Funnylicious Improv Theater marks its 9th anniversary with a tribute to you, our cherished audience, and supporters. We’re rolling out a laughter-filled evening featuring your favorite short-form games that have repeatedly brought down the house. But the fun doesn’t stop there! We’re also revisiting our memorable long-form scenes that have wowed audiences both here at home and overseas.

On Cloud Nine: Improv Comedy Extravaganza2023-10-22T17:42:31+02:00

One Day in Bratislava


Anything can happen in just one day. Through a cast of diverse characters who live in Bratislava, we learn about their interwoven tales of hope, love, desire, dreams, and fears that take place on the same day. Audience suggestions will be used and of course, will influence the outcomes of the stories. Actors randomly select the suggestions and improvise a succession of interlocking scenes right in front of your eyes.

One Day in Bratislava2021-11-14T21:50:10+01:00

My Improvised Life


A unique theatrical performance that is inspired by true events and made up on the spot. Spontaneous and gutsy, ‘My Improvised Life’ celebrates life’s unpredictability, quirkiness, vulnerability, and memorable moments.

My Improvised Life2020-09-15T22:41:07+02:00
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